2018 Minutes

BVEF Bear Valley Library 9:00 7.9.18


Jill Wegenstein, Lauren Schimke, Amber Watts and Vicky Johnson were present.


1. Presidents Report-Devi (?) is still supportive of the school and is planning to meet with Justin. There was a meet and greet BBQ at Bear Lake on June 30th. Still waiting for the determination letter for our 5013C status. Everything else is set up. Delayed updating the website since changes might delay our non-profit process. Lauren met with the accountant in Arnold. She is currently donating her time. W9 form was sent to the mountain and now we are waiting for our fundraiser check. 2. Treasurer Report-Online banking has been set up with El Dorado Bank. We currently have $2,333,51 in the bank. Lauren is requesting a $52.00 reimbursement for BBQ. 3. Approve Minutes- Minutes approved from last meeting. Minutes and Agendas will be put on the website once Char makes changes. 4. Teacher Justin: needs, arrival, community support- He is looking at different rental options with a possible temporary housing at Tamarack. He will be arriving late July. Lauren will send a letter to Patrick Traynor concerning the repairs and clean-up of the school. Justin is looking at different locations for the Busy Bear daycare when they start to share the school facility. There was also a discussion on possibly changing the Busy Bear hours. Further discussion on how best to support Justin during the school year. 5. Marketing & Public Relations- Continue communication with Cub Reporter and NextDoor postings. Jill will contact Thepinetree.net and Vicky with contact the Democrat. 5. Fundraiser- brainstormed some future possibilities. 6. Website- After completion of 5013C process we will put a link for minutes and agendas and change the enrollment information form on the site. 7. Students / Enrollment – Will continue conversation with the District about young TK students 8. School work day- Hope to coordinate with District office and Board membersh 9. Other -. Jill will contact Patrick about timeframe on Bear Valley School construction and bond measure updates. Meetings adjoined at 10:05

BVEF Meeting- October 5, 2018 Bear Valley School


The meeting began at 3:00.


Board Member present: Lauren Schimke, Amber Watts and Jill Wegenstein. Public present: Justin Savaso, Jennifer(don’t remember her last name) and Mike Presto, who is considering joining the board.


1.President’s Report- Lauren mentioned that Patty is considering leaving the board. She has a busy schedule right now. She will remain a valuable resource to the board and school because of her extensive knowledge of Alpine County. Lauren gave Mike a short history of the Foundation with its initial establishment as a Charter School Board and its transition to an education foundation in 2016. Since the non-profit status originated with a different name and purpose the name and purpose had to be resubmitted and then resubmitted again because our original choice for a name was already taken. The Secretary of State and the IRS have accepted the changes but we’re still waiting for our determination letter. We are currently able to receive donations and supply a donation acknowledgement letter for tax deductions purposes while the process is in place. Lauren answered questions Mike had about the role of the board treasurer. 2. Treasurer Report- Vicki was not present so didn’t have a financial statement. Our current balance is $9,693.68. Jill requested $50 for a partial reimbursement of her potluck dinner contributions. 3. Website- There was a discussion on how we could adapt the site to make it more aligned to our needs for fundraising, community outreach and communication with our school community. We decided that we will communicate via email during the brainstorming part of the process to save on meeting time. Jill will contact Char to see about adding a section to post minutes. Lauren showed the board the improved changes Char has done to the site. We will also be adding a link to the BV school site. 4. Bear Valley School Update- Justin Scavino. The gym repair and heater installation should be completed by the end of October. The back section of the main classroom will also be completed at that time. Nov. 6th 2 more students will join the school. They are 3rd graders. 9 Chromebooks and 2 desktops have arrived so there can be daily technology to support core curriculum. Winter activities will include winter sports twice a week- one day of xc country and one day of alpine skiing over a 10 week period. Justin is working with Aaron Johnson at the ski resort and Paul Petersen at the xcountry center. Justin also requested some money for a school sign. Pending approval from the school district, the board unanimously voted to pay for the purchase. He also requested approval to pay for tennis balls for the students to use for their tennis lessons. Justin will also send out emails as items are needed. Amber will continue to work with Justin on this “special request” list for community donations. John Hamilton from Pinetree.net wants to interview Justin about the Bear Valley School. Pending approval from the district he will agree to it. 5. Mike Presto: Mike was unanimously approved to join our Board. He is contemplating taking over the treasure position. 6. Fundraising- discussion on having a fundraiser at the Stone House at Lake Alpine. Amber talked about hosting with home owner in previous meetings and it looks like we may pursue this next year. Discussed reaching out to the mountain about creating an annual fundraiser like they arranged this past ski season. Also possibly updating our website and making a fundraising page to define our future needs.. 7. Bond Measure- Jill will email Patrick after the meeting to find out if there are any updates and will communicate them to the Board. The Board would like to contribute to the cost of community outreach. 8. Other- We decided that we will meet at 3pm the first Friday of every month at the school. Amber set up a conferencing site so we will be able to use that process for future meetings. Jill will research sites for internal communication to cut down on emailing back and forth. Meeting adjoined 4:30


Bear Valley Education Foundation

Where:  BV School

When: 3:00

Date: 1-18-19


  • Presidents Report –

  • Lauren, Jill, Mike, Vicki present

  • Guests-Justin

  • Christmas party was a success. Justin did a great job and Steve was very helpful as well.  One family, who attended the party, decided to enroll their son next year.  He will be in 1st grade.  Another family might also be interested in attending.  They recently bought a house in town.  They have a child who is in second grade.  Justin and Lauren gave them a tour of the school.  They seemed very interested.  Looking to enroll in 2020.  Word is spreading.  When Lauren and the family were touring the school they went into the future science and art room.  Lauren suggested that for touring purposes it should have a model set up.  Will be a summer project to get it set up for future use..  1st step is getting it more organized.  Lauren has a meeting with someone who works with a non-profit in the bay area and has done work with charter schools.  Could be a potential resource for us. 

  • Treasurer Report-  ending balance  12/2018-$9112.85.  Received skyline check for 1731.00 from proceeds of warren miller movie.  Mike will add his name to the bank account so can deposit checks.

  • Crab Feed- amber is co-chair of the event.  Still looking for volunteers.  Funds will be split 50/50 with school and busy bear daycare.  Last year was a miscommunication of where the monies would be donated.  Discussion on displaying photos and posting school banner at the event.

  • Justin’s BV School Update, Gmail, photos-

  •  Dr. Traynor and Justin were discussing ways for the community in markleeville can get more involved.  Justin will give updates for monthly schoolboard meetings.  Jill will post newsletter on nextdoor.  Steve is working on getting some protection on the lights when playing basketball. Working on getting someone to clear the snow off the roof.  The banner will be displayed in an area that is accessible and visible.  Ski lessons- 2 lessons so far.  The mountain was very accommodating.  Billing so far -the mountain will invoice school and the school will forward them to foundation.  Discussion about where to store or post the photos. 

  • Website- Wix allows that everyone can be an admin on the site.  Idea that everyone would have an email account to upload the photos too.  Bearvalleyeducationfoundation.org.  Password  Bvef2018.  Alpine county policy is not to post pictures but discussion here if we can post pictures without showing faces. Justin thanked everyone for supporting the ski lessons. 

  • Website has been officially launched.  Mike needs to be reimbursed for some of the website expenses.  Everything on line has been paid for $143.  With domain name paid for 2 years.  Bearvalleyeducationfoundation.org. Discussion on a posterboard/corkboard display at the school on an easel.  Something that would be portable to take on fundraising events. 


  • Fundraising –Crabfeed, meeting with women working with non-profits, potential Fall festival-harvestfest, solstice, etc.

  • Ski Area Advertisement –Devi designed a poster to put up at the ski area.  He is looking at area at the ski area to display information.  Potentially renting the space.  Lauren proposed working with gateway press to come up with some thoughts as well as who should be the contact person.

- Other –Lauren discussed the miscommunication around the holiday dinner.  All resolved and next time we will have a better policy in place.  Thanked vicki for setting up all the drinks for the evening of the holiday party.  Amber has contacted Randy Mancini who is donating beanbags and couches to the school.


Next meeting-Feb. 1st. 3pm.

Feb Minutes 2019 to be added



Time: 3:00

Date: 4.9.19

Where: Bear Valley School


Number: 605) 472-5714

Access Code: 381556



1.Presidents / Vice Presidents  Report -Lauren has been working with Gateway Press about making a rack card 2ft. X 6ft. advertising the school  at the ski area.  We already have a banner and a sandwich board at resort.  Gateway will be getting back to us with pricing.  Discussion about the status of the current superintendent.  Dr. Traynor is still the superintendent of the County Schools.  



2.   Treasurer Report -Amber paid Char $100.  Amazon order was $200 and paid.  $4543 deposited from crabfeed.  Approximately $14,500 in our bank account.  Mike still needs to get to the bank to sign so can access the account.  Discussion on the need for a bankcard.  Three of the members will sign on to use the card. Amber has the checkbook.  We can always pay people through paypal.  Lauren will file our tax returns.  She has done it the last two years.



3.   BV School Report -



3/4.   BV School Report and Student Enrollment -Justin will be calling into the school board meeting tonight concerning next year’s enrollment.  Through projection sheet, 7 confirmed students. 4 current and will be returning  plus 2- kindergarteners, one is Ava who is Ryder’s sister.  Verbal commitment from Sage’s family who would be a 1st grader.  Lia from the District Office has reached out to other families but nothing confirmed.  Concern that Sage is Calaveras county student.  Potential for some families in the future, possibly 4 more for 2021. Justin will be speaking to the school board tonight related to planning.  Kindergarten to 4th grade for next year but would need to have another aide/or another teacher.  Conversation on some outreach possibilities for increasing population.  Justin spoke about how helpful our financial support has been to purchase supplemental supplies.  Also Justin asked for foundation to pay for a group picture to display at school. It was approved.  Justin also asked if we could have a BBQ at school for current and incoming students<BVEF.  BVEF will supply the main course and parents supply desserts. Date TBD.  Justin thanked Vicki Johnson for all the support she has given the school with substituting.  One of the summer projects will be to clean up the “science” room to get it ready for the next year. Lauren will also get information about a music program that could be available to the school.



5.    Website Update -There is a problem about how our site doesn’t come up when you google the site.  We are trying to figure out what is wrong.  Minutes need to be uploaded to the site.   



6.   Fundraising/ Advertising – Discussion about a possible event to advertise the school.  Possibly during the music festival and targeting Bay Area families whose parents can work remotely. 



7. Other

BVEF-Dec. 13, 2018


Meeting began at 3:40


Board members in attendance- Lauren Schimke, Amber Watts, Vicky Johnson, Mike Presto, guests- Devi Pravaad, Justin Savaso. Jill Wegenstein on the phone.


President’s Report- The determination letter was received this month. Our nonprofit status process now is complete. New bank checks have been received and a debit card will be ordered. All the board members will have bank authority. The banner was approved to display on the school building with a second “Sandwich Board” available as well. Lauren asked the mountain manager if there would be some space available at the ski resort to display some school information. (By the end of our meeting Adrian Lund wrote that there would be available space). Discussion on doing some PR of the school over the holidays at the ski resort. Treasurer’s report- Mike is our new treasurer. Lauren had the bank print out our financials since the foundation was established in 2015. The notebook was given to Mike to review. Currently we have $9478.95 in the bank. This includes two recent $100 donations. There was a cost of $150 to print our financials. We owe Char $100 for some website updates. Char donated her time for uploading our minutes. Website- Mike did a terrific job on building a new website. It was approved unanimously. Our monthly costs will be $25 for a premium package which includes hosting fees and blocks outside advertisers. School Report- Justin reported that he and Dr. Traynor have agreed to allowing the students 10 ski days during the season. Since all our students have season passes and equipment the fees would only be $12 per student per lesson. The Foundation will be supporting this as well as a $200 donation from Arnold Rotary club. There will be a future discussion concerning xcountry lessons at a later date for next year, possibly part of striders and gliders. -Holiday Party- Justin made the proposal to hold the party on Dec 22nd from 5-8. We will have a potluck dinner in the gym with possible student performances and Justin welcoming the community and explaining our educational programs. The foundation will contribute financially to the evening. Dessert will be served upstairs in the school classroom so the community will get a chance to see the space and it will allow Justin to present a slide show about the school and its mission. The new website will also be previewed then. Justin will be creating an invite on nextdoor and will encourage rsvps so we have an idea of the amount of attendees. Fundraiser- Amber and Kimi Johnson will be running the Crabfeed again this year. It was very successful last year and Amber is even more confident this year with a possible new format of a live auction. She is requesting large donation items for live and silent auction and raffle items. The crabfeed will be Feb. 16th. Details to follow and posting on nextdoor. Lots of volunteers needed. Other-Devi proposed, since some of the BV ski foundation board members will be stepping down after serving for several years, that our foundation should consider overseeing it. The Board felt it wasn’t something to prioritize and will be revisited in a few years. Meeting adjoined at 4:30


Bear Valley Education Foundation

July 9, 2019


Meeting started at 10am. On call were Lauren, Amber, Vicki and Jill

  1.  Presidents Report- Lauren is waiting to hear back from Julia Mee from the Music Festival concerning a fundraiser opportunity during the Music Festival.

  2. Vice President Report- Alpine County USD hired Brian Strahl as the new school district superintendent.  He was at some point a teacher at Bret Harte High School.  Dr. Patrick Traynor remains the superintendent of the county schools which is an elected position.  LCAP is continuing.  Amber also stressed the importance of completing the 2020 census when it arrives as  a lot of our funding and representation is determines by how many residents we have. 

  3. Treasurers Report-We currently have $14,479.20 in the bank.  Char Vine and Gateway Press have been paid. Mt. Reba made a donation for the food at the school picnic.

  4. Bear Valley School- Justin still not sure on his housing for next school year.  Currently there are 7 students enrolled for next year.   District is very supportive of the school and its operation.  There is a need for more substitutes at the school.  The hiring procedure is through the school district.  Construction is continuing at the school with heated pathways added.

  5. Music Festival-We are planning on using our new rack cards, if ready to advertise during the festival.

  6. Fundraising- Discussion on planning a resale “pop-up” next July 4th week-end during the annual resident spring cleaning/dumpster event.

  7. Networking-Rack Cards were approved and will be printed by Gateway. Vicki Johnson will sponsor our membership with the BVBA.  Need more pictures on our Facebook page.

  8. Website/Social Media. -Minutes need to be uploaded to our site. Board approved joining the Alpine  Chamber of Commerce. Tamarack also generously funded our membership.  We will also pay for an annual $250 fee to place ads in the Cub Reporter


Meeting adjoined at 11:10

eading 1