School is Open 

for the 2020-2021 School Year!


Our Mission:

The Bear Valley Education Foundation believes in the value of supporting and providing young students with diverse non-traditional hands on learning opportunities alongside a traditional educational curriculum. It is our quest to nurture young people to become passionate, experienced, adventurous, intellectually curious members of our community.​

Fun Activities



Endless year round outdoor recreation including snow sports, hiking, swimming, tennis, kayaking, nature expeditions and field trips.

Develop Skills



A standards based curriculum created by the Alpine County Unified School District with a emphasis on programs creating experiential learning and making a connection between our lives and the natural world.


Future Success

Innovative hands on learning in science, technology, education, arts and math that are supported by the top of the line school supplies, education tools and funding.


Find Us:

Bear Valley, California is a boutique high Sierra Nevada mountain village offering the best in both serenity and recreation. Bear Valley and nearby subdivisions including Sherman Acres, Tamarack and Sky High Ranch are little islands of private property surrounded by vast tracks of National Forest with an abundance of lakes, rivers and mountains.

Bear Valley Education Foundation
Attn: Lauren Schimke 
PO Box 5163
Bear Valley, CA 95223

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